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Akubra Riverina Hat - Bran
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Akubra Riverina Hat - Khaki
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Akubra Riverina Hats

Dive into the heart of Australian tradition with the Akubra Riverina, a hat that pays homage to the prime agricultural area of NSW. Designed for the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback, the Riverina features a fedora crown with a height of 105mm and a broad dipping brim of 102mm to provide unparalleled sun protection. The distinctive hand-plaited, 15mm ridge-back kangaroo-plait hat band and eyelet vents add to its functional appeal, while its Loden colour, akin to dark chocolate brown, offers a timeless aesthetic.

Crafted from Akubra's Imperial Quality Pure Fur Felt, the Riverina hat is not just a statement piece but a durable companion for both work and adventure. It boasts a double ornamental band with brass fittings, a reeded roan (goat) leather sweatband, and is water-resistant, ensuring it stands the test of time and elements. Proudly made in Australia, it reflects the country's heritage and resilience.

Available in a palette of colours including Loden, Black, Bran, Khaki, and Sand, the Akubra Riverina is versatile and suitable for a wide range of tastes and occasions. The recent introduction of Khaki adds a fresh twist to the collection, offering an unusual yet appealing option for those looking to make a subtle statement.

Whether shielding yourself from the sun during a day out in the fields or adding a touch of Australian elegance to your everyday wear, the Akubra Riverina is the quintessential choice. As reviewed, its great brim coverage and comfortable fit make it an ideal working hat, embodying the quintessentially Australian style. Join us in celebrating the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape with the Akubra Riverina collection, a testament to quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

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