Camilo Panama Classic Sandy - Leather Band

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Camilo Size Options: S (56cm - 7)

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Camillo Panama Hats . Extra Fine Quality 

Hand made in Ecuador and imported for the finest of quality. This is our signature collection with extra fine quality . You can't match or beat this for finish. Super light weight and super fine wear.

Camillo Hats are of the highest possible quality and unique in every way with imported French hat bands in both leather and french lace. A mid grade Panama that will not disappoint the buyer and give years of good use and coverage.  Comes in cream (as image) or natural. Hurry , this is a seasonal style and we only have enough for this Summer. 

Sandy Colour is unique in every way with both natural and cream woven colours to give a unique sandy finish.  

Brim Size 7 cms 

Crown Height 9.5 cm

This is our stop selling hat. Classic Hemmingway Style  . Top seller year in , year out . Transcends Seasons and gives enough sun cover to wear in the height of summer . Pinch crown protected and brim reinforced to keep its shape and hold a fine fashion line. Perfect quality. 

Leather Band is made from French tanned Cow Leather , smooth and neat.  A great gentlemans hat. 

Limited stock. 

Camilo takes our orders and custom makes them in Ecuador each year for three months , where he lives and breaths his product to ensure quality and finish is of the highest standard.

Simply Stunning. Limited stock.  Sold out last year in less than 3 months. So hurry if you want it for summer. 

Origins of the Panama hat date back to the early 1900. The workers of the Panama Canal would wear these unique hats made by the local villagers in and around Ecuador. These hats were made by generations by the local village folk and their Inca ancestors before them. Unique to Ecuador the Toquilla Palm plant only grows in that high altitude area ( above 4,000 feet ) and the local villagers would strip these plants and spend hours making these hats to keep them protected from the Sun.

In the Early 1900, workers from the Panama Canal took samples of these fine hats to Europe and soon the people of Europe and the West embraced the soft and gentle styles of the Toquilla Palm hat. Soon the Prince of Wales wore one to the races and it then became very fashionable to wear the so called Panama Canal Hats. Van Gogh and Monet immortalized them in to our western culture and now , over 100 years on, they still provide great shade, whilst being light weight and durable. These hats now come in many grades for us to choose from.

The grade greatly depends on how long it takes to make and how thin the Palm Strips are . The finer the grade, the long it takes to hand weave, the softer the hat and the more roll able or crushable it is . Some of the finest grades can take up to 16 days to make and have to be woven in a barrel of water so that they do not break during the weaving process.

Here at Hats By The 100, we have been importing and selling Panama Hats since 1984. We pride ourselves in our deep respect and understanding of this great traditional product. We have the widest selection of hats in Australia and offer fast, reliable shipping to bring you this great product. Enjoy our selection of over 45 different Panama Hats.

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