Shelta Hats Neck Shield - Khaki

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Product Details:

The Shelta neck shield is an exclusive accessory to the Shelta hats and can be worn in several different ways. It attaches easily with the Shelta cord system providing you with more sun protection as it is UPF 50+.


  1. UPF 50+ Rated
  2. 100% Polyester Fabric
  3. Breathable and Comfortable
  4. Must be worn with the attached Shelta cord system
  5. Best paired with the narrow brimmed styles and can be worn with any Shelta hat effectively

Provides extra protection to the neck, ears and if worn to the front, the face. It can be worn in 3 different ways: 

  1. On top of the back brim and away from the neck.
  2. Tucked under the back brim and close to the neck.
  3. Placed under the front brim and close to the face.

*IMPORTANT: Do Not wear the neck shield over your face when in water

About the Brand:

Shelta Hats is an American company based in California. The founder of this company decided to design a sun hat when one couldn't be found that worked for him and his friends while paddling. His design criteria were that it had to perform as well in the water as on dry land. It couldn't get the way when paddling, and most importantly, not flop in your face when wet or windy. 

Obsessive testing and attention to detail resulted in the most engineered, purpose-built sun hat ever created. Its patent-pending 'No Flop' visor brim, innovative design features and superior craftsmanship ignited a movement of performance-driven sun protection that has drawn the best and most avid outdoor enthusiasts all over the world!

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